Want To Be A Legal Landlord In Marbella? You Should Be!

Who wants to be legal? Well you should be… The Andalucian Government has seen a huge increase in rental permit applications since imposing massive fines for anyone renting out their property to holidays makers without the correct licences.

So far throughout Malaga and Costa del Sol we have more than 9,000 rental properties that have gone through the process of becoming legal by gaining the government official permit. We have sources that claim over 21,000 applications have been submitted already and waiting for clearance to allow the properties to be rented out legally throughout the coast.

For many years property owners have used the rental income gained to put towards the annual property costs like for mortgage, community fees and maintenance work whilst still living in the UK and Ireland for example. The new registration process came into play in May 2016 which was probably sparked by the hotel industry claiming the illegal renting of property was harming the hotel industry.

Should you have a property that you wish to rent out legally then you must apply for this permit, allow an inspection of the property, have a safety check and obviously now pay the tax due on the funds received.