Harsh Reality in Finding the Right Estate Agent in Marbella

How it all began?
“We had visited the Costa Del Sol many times looking for the perfect property prior to moving there. The problem we faced was something we ended up using to our advantage in business. No one seemed to want to pick the phone up or reply to our email enquiry, we were sent a huge amount of properties but 99 out of 100 of them would be over budget or in the wrong area and not what we had specified to the agencies.
So here we were sat in a hotel in Guadalmina Alta seeing many properties for sale but we could never get to see them or find out more information.
We ended up giving up each time and changing strategy so back to the UK for us. When we decided to get back to Marbella due to the move date looming, we would then be faced with the daunting task of finding a property for rent whilst we find a good agent to get us the property we wanted to buy.
Again we were then quick to learn the frustration involved in searching for property when many of our inquiries were ignored and never replied too. When we did get through to somebody they knew nothing at all about the local area, the property that we enquired about and most of the time did not communicate well or showed a lack of interest in our needs. Due to this difficult and stressful experience we knew there was a gap in the market and that gap was for customer service, reliability and professionalism – we then went on to set up our very own Marbella Real Estate agency to help people like us – Absolute Marbella was born and has since filled that gap!”

Why is Absolute Marbella Real Estate unique?
We decided to launch Absolute Marbella in the downturn of the market, the key to our success during this difficult time mostly has been the ability to adapt to our clients every need as we understand that every client is different and every buyer wants or need a different experience. Our investor clients generally do not need to see the A-Z of an area or a property, it is highly likely that our client investing in a property in Marbella is all about facts and figures. Where as someone looking for a ‘home’ will be more about what is around and accessibility to amenities.
Something so simple but yet vital is we will answer your call, call when we say we will call, we will meet you when we say we will meet you and we will be professional, friendly and pro- active in our joint journey to find you the property that you require.
Absolute Marbella Real Estate is here to make a difference and that is to change your experience of searching for property in Marbella and make it a happy one.

When you make contact with us telling us that you are looking to buy a property in Marbella then we won’t just send you every property for sale in Marbella hoping that you will ‘just choose one’. We will only show you properties that meet ‘your’ requirements not ‘ours’. It is imperative that we are both singing to the same song
Where we came from.
“For many years now we have worked 7 days a week to make a success of something many others have failed on – Honesty, integrity and individuality.
This means we are not afraid of answering the phone at any time of day or night or to arrange an appointment to see a property on a weekend or a holiday. We understand that most people search for property and would like to view properties on a weekend, when they are off, it makes sense. Not everyone has the flexibility to view properties at 10am on a Monday morning.
We have over 31 years experience in Real Estate covering rentals, sales and property management and above all customer service and client satisfaction.” We have a huge international list of repeat, referral and investor clients who actively purchase investments and holiday homes in the countries we have offices in.
Absolute Marbella Real Estate is a fresh new way to find the property that you want without the hassles associated with estate agents in Marbella.

The article was written about Absolute Marbella Real Estate based in Marbella selling and renting properties to clients globally. All of Absolute Marbella employees have the unique way of thinking that is not present in the Costa Del Sol real estate market and that is ‘the client is king’. http://www.absolutemarbella.com