“Better way of life” – Come to Spain

“Better way of life” – Come to Spain

According to a new expat survey; Spain comes out in top place for British expats seeking a “Better way of life”.

This survey was one of the biggest ever to be carried out with over 12,500 people from 166 nationalities and over an incredible 188 countries.

The main reason for British to make the decision to become an expat by moving to Spain is the quality of life. Lower cost of living, almost all year sunshine, manana lifestyle have all helped Spain to be in the top 10 for ‘Quality of Life’ Index for 4 years in a row and secured 3rd this year.

We have found that expats from the UK are more likely to move closer to ‘home’ than go much further afield. One main point that people moving overseas have to get to grips with is the distance from family and friends however, with budget airlines offering amazing flights to many European destinations with very low prices everywhere becomes closer and closer.

21% of British that moved to Spain are for retiring purposes and 24% of all British in Spain are retired. When looking at average ages of expats living in Spain you may be surprised to learn that the British is 48.7 years old compared to a global average of 43.5 years.

Before taking the move to Sunny Spain 68% of all British thinking of moving said the cost of living as the main benefit with 82% saying that once they moved the cost of living was excellent. With these figures in mind you should not be surprised to see that Spain came in the top 10 for the ‘Cost of Living’ index for 2017. The cost of living is said to be approximately 20% less than the UK, renting a property over 38% less and food shopping over 17% less. This is great news for anyone from the UK looking to retire in the Costa del Sol who will be living on pensions and saving. Finally, 9 out of 10 expats said that they were satisfied with the lives in Spain.

Would you like more information about moving to Spain, the cost of living in Spain or how to get a mortgage in Spain? Speak to someone from then UK that has made the move already: contact info@absolutemarbella.com for an unbiased view.